Henna Jurca
Henna Jurca
China 2011
Henna Jurca is a Senior at Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a major in Asian Studies and minor in Chinese. Henna will be volunteering and studying through the Keats School in Kunming, China. Read More About Henna →

Last Day in Kunming

It is Friday evening and I have said my goodbyes to the Elderly Home, Autistic School and Keats School.  I have mixed emotions of sadness and happiness.  I am especially happy that I was able to volunteer at two places and help both the young and old.  It was extremely hard to say goodbye to the people I have regularly been helping and spending time with for over a month.  I am so grateful to have the Lumos Scholarship which allowed me to experience something so life changing. 

At the same time, I am ready to go home to start classes again at Belmont.  This trip made my passion for China and Asia grow even more.  I am really excited about the new things I will learn in my Asian Studies classes next semester!

Advanced Chinese I – Dr. Andrew Siao
Seminar in Asian Area Studies – Dr. Joan Li
East and West Psychologies – Dr. Peter Giordano
Japanin the Shogun Age – Dr. Cynthia Bisson
Spirituality in World Religion – Dr. Marty Bell

Below are some of my final pictures:

Goodbye picture with the boss at the autistic school

Goodbye/Thank You Letter from the autistic school

Goodbye picture with the boss at the Elderly Home and Wang Yeye

She is such a great teacher and has taught me so much more than just Chinese! She is one my greatest friends now 🙂

Giving me my certificate for completing 120 hours of Chinese study

Validation of Volunteer Service (need that convo credit!) and Certificate for Chinese Study

Special thanks to Cynthia Leu for generously funding this amazing experience. 

I also want to thank Dr. Maggie Monteverde for helping me so much with my application process. 

Thank you Dr. Ronnie Littlejohn, Dr. Andrew Siao and Arthur Lachowicz for writing such great recommendation letters.

Thank you Paul Chenoweth for setting up my blog.

And thank you to everyone else who read my blog!! 🙂

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