Felicia Black
Felicia Black
South Africa 2011- 2012
I am a recent Belmont graduate (Class of 2011) and I am going back to South Africa. I first went to South Africa in the fall of my junior year at Belmont and I had so much fun I decided to apply for the Lumos award and have been lucky enough to go again! Check out my previous blog at http://coming2sa.blogspot.com/ I will also be updating that blog as I return to South Africa so check ‘em out! Read More About Felicia →

Weekend Edition

Saturday July 30th

Last night we had our farewell dinner for the volunteers that are leaving. It was at the hotel on Habour Island. I was told it was “buffet” style but that wasn’t really true. There really were only three choices: grilled fish, fried fish or a vegetarian option.  The sides were mashed potatoes, tomato sauce and vegetables. It was really good though. There was also a presentation that had pictures of all the volunteers from their different projects. It was pretty sweet. I need to try to get a copy of it so I’ll have the pictures. They give everyone that is leaving a copy.

Today I went surfing for the first time in two years. I went several times when I was here last time and I am definitely out of shape. The water was freezing. Keep in mind it’s winter here so it is to be expected. I’m going to try again maybe by the time I leave here I’ll be great at it. Right now it’s exhausting and I’m not very good at all.

Sunday July 31st

The rest of yesterday was relaxing. I went with some of the program coordinators, Beth, Ali, Nick and Jim to Mont Blanc to watch a movie and eat more. I was so hungry after coming back from surfing but then I got hungry later. I actually rode the bike to Mont Blanc. Beth has a car but she’s not allowed to drive volunteers L But it was ok because it was a beautiful night. Stars everywhere which was sort of a bad thing because I kept on looking up at the stars instead of paying attention to where I was going. But I made it there in one piece and we had pizzas with mushrooms and tomato slices. It was so good! Then we watched Fair Game which is this movie about this CIA agent who is working before 9/11 and sort of discovered the whole lie with the WMDs. It’s kind of hard to explain but I highly recommend it. Then I passed out and enjoyed some well needed sleep.

I did some more laundry today. Did I mention I did laundry on Friday? I did it by hand which really made me appreciate the whole washer and dryer thing. I washed my clothes in the bathtub and then moved my clothes outside to dry. It takes a while but it’s free because Beth left some soap so I won’t complain. There is a Laundromat nearby but I am trying to save as much money as possible.


I have met all the new people. It’s very overwhelming but they’re cool so it’s fine. We have a total of 8 girls here including me so we are pretty much full. There is one extra spot in my room but besides that we are at capacity. The new people had a tour so I walked with them and then ended the tour by relaxing on Habour Island. It was nice but we stayed there too long and I got cold. Dinner was veggie pasta and it was delicious.



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