Felicia Black
Felicia Black
South Africa 2011- 2012
I am a recent Belmont graduate (Class of 2011) and I am going back to South Africa. I first went to South Africa in the fall of my junior year at Belmont and I had so much fun I decided to apply for the Lumos award and have been lucky enough to go again! Check out my previous blog at http://coming2sa.blogspot.com/ I will also be updating that blog as I return to South Africa so check ‘em out! Read More About Felicia →


They left me at the school. Just completely forgot about me. It was alright though. I didn’t even notice to be honest. I did notice that the door was locked but I just figured that they locked it because they weren’t in the room. Turns out they left me. I was in the computer lab working with Ms. Cwaita and didn’t even noticed. My watch is still on STL time so I didn’t really know what time it was. It was fine because I was enjoying being in the computer lab.

Let’s rewind in a little. We arrived at school at 9 as usual and I went to find Ms. Cwaita. Each day I am with another teacher. Today was Ms. Cwaita with literacy and I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to it. I like math better than literacy. But it turned out fine. It was pretty confusing. She didn’t really seem to know what I was supposed to be doing and I really don’t know either. She ended up teaching a very short lesson on prefixes and suffixes which was good but then she left and I was completely alone which is something that wasn’t supposed to happen. It was very confusing. Also she seemed to think that I was supposed to be teaching today which was definitely not going to happen. It was pretty uncomfortable.

The periods are supposed to be 40 minutes but the first period I was in was short and I was literally in the classroom alone for about an hour. Luckily the next period was great. I marked papers aka grading and I actually helped some of the students understand what was wrong. For example, they were given an assignment to create words using suffixes and prefixes. They were given six root words and had to create new words but they made up a lot of words. It was kind of hard because some words I wasn’t sure about such as freehold which is apparently a word. Who knew? It was very eye opening. I feel like I barely know my own language let alone teach someone else.

We then went to the computer lab which I didn’t even know was happening. Ms. Cwaita just said that she was going to be going to the computer lab with her class and I was supposed to stick with her so I went with her. She didn’t even have a lesson planned. We had to find something relevant on the computer which didn’t take long but I was just so confused. How can you go to the computer lab without already planning ahead? Such is life here. Lots of chaos. Breaks happen when they want to and last longer than they should and teachers don’t teach. It can be incredibly frustrating. It’s very hard to feel motivated when this is the situation that you’re dealing with but the students motivate me. They’re the ones I’m here to help. I have to remember that.

2 thoughts on “Abandoned”

  1. Hi Felicia!!! I’ve been stressing because I lost the paper with your mailing address and e-mail address, then I thought, “I’ll look for her blog!” So glad I found it and REALLY enjoyed reading it! I miss being there SO MUCH! We all do, really. Anywho, please e-mail me your address again, and Aysia says friend her on Facebook: Aysia Nicole. Keep on writing — it makes me feel like I’m still connected.

  2. Felicia!!! I’m so glad I found your blog! I’ve been stressing because I can’t find the paper with your mailing address and email, then I had the bright idea to look for your blog! I’ve had such a good time reading it! It makes me still feel connected to SA, Gordon’s Bay, ACJ. I miss it SO MUCH!!! We all do, really. Anywho, send me your address again, please, so I can send the box of supplies. Also, Aysia wants you to friend her on Facebook: Aysia Nicole. Keep the posts coming!!! Glad to know all is well with you, and I hope that you’ve settled into your new role.

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