Shersty Stanton
Shersty Stanton
Haiti 2017 - 2019
Byenveni! Welcome! Join me on a journey to the rural villages of Haiti to use microfinance and business leader training to foster economic growth and community development. As a graduate of Belmont University’s social entrepreneurship program, I look forward to furthering my knowledge of implementing sustainable change in an intercultural setting. Read More About Shersty →

Touchdown in 24

In roughly 24 hours my plane will be landing in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. What?!

It feels like just a few weeks ago I joyfully (and slightly naively) agreed to oversee the development and implementation of Disciples’ Village’s microfinance initiative in August/September…there is no way it is time to leave already! While I cannot fathom where the time has gone, my final year at Belmont has been a compilation of the most glorious, challenging, and growing experiences and times of my life thus far. I left Belmont full of more awareness, friendships, love and gratitude than I can express in words and with a deep appreciation for the lives, wisdom, and beauty all around me.

Specifically pertaining to my microfinance project, door after door has been blown open these past few months and I have had the honor and joy of meeting SO MANY PEOPLE who have graciously taken the time to invest in me, in my project, and to offer their expertise and support in any and all of my endeavors in Haiti. I had no idea how many people in the Belmont family were connected to Haiti and microfinance in some way and am forever grateful for the community of support that has surrounded me. While I am potentially becoming more aware of what I have yet to learn than actually learning about intercultural microfinance and Haitian culture, the amount of Belmont faculty and administration, Lumos Travel Award affiliates, athletic department administration, Belmont Softball program members, friends, and family who have offered the continuation of their assistance is truly remarkable. I greatly look forward to getting in the Haitian communities and putting the hundreds of hours of research, information, and advise to work!

These last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind of final projects, graduation activities, softball conference tournament, many see-you-laters, and Haiti preparation. The variety and severity of emotions experienced is inexpressible, but I have never felt such peace, joy, gratitude and excitement (with a little terror mixed in every now and then) than I do right now about what is to come with microfinance in Haiti.

Fortunately for me, sass translates well in Haitian Creole. Here's a snapshot of the gorgeous hike to Viello.

Fortunately for me, sass translates well in Haitian Creole. Here’s a snapshot of the gorgeous hike to Viello.

Signing off from the USA and N’ap pale pita nan Ayiti (We’ll talk later in Haiti)!

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