Eric Taft
Eric Taft
Guatemala 2013-2014
Eric Taft is a recent graduate of Belmont University's Social Entrepreneurship program. Eric is traveling to Chimaltenango, Guatemala with his wife, Hilary, to work on an economic development compound for one year. This is a dream come true. Read More About Eric →

It’s not too much longer until much, much longer.

Maybe a lot of you saw Hilary’s picture on Facebook.  I guess I haven’t talked about it a lot.  We have exactly three weeks left with the Lumos program, but Hilary and I are already making plans to return back to Guatemala in October.  So I guess it’s not too much longer until much, much longer.

The past year has been an unbelievable experience- all made possible by the funds we received from Belmont’s Lumos grant.  The plan was to come down for a year to study Monte Cristo’s perfect development model, but we discovered pretty early on that they were far from perfect and needed a lot of help to realize their dream to become self-sustainable.  Hilary and I have been working seven days a weeks for the past year to help them start an array of small businesses, and the progress we have made as a team in incredible.

The truth is that a year just isn’t long enough to make a sustainable change in this type of development environment, and we have found a place on Earth where we wake up passionate every day to work until sundown.  Simple enough- we’re not ready to leave.  So we are coming back in October to continue our work with Monte Cristo indefinitely.  If we haven’t seen you in the last year, we hope to see you in September.  Otherwise, we’ll catch up when you come to visit us in Chimaltenango!


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