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It’s Mango Season

Hello again!

Goodbye lychee season, hello mango season! I was warned about the deliciousness of mango season for months and months in advance. A few of my coworkers even deemed it the “best part” of summer. Something to make the heat “bearable.” It was hard to wrap my mind around how delicious mangos could be. How would they be any different than other mangos? Here we are. Mango season. It’s unreal. The mangos are so ripe and so juicy and they’re everywhere.


Like many things abroad, there’s an “Indian way” to eat mangos. It’s quite logical, really. Especially if you’re on the go. Because it’s so hot here all the time mangos are pretty soft.

The typical way to eat mangos here is to cut off the end and squeeze the mango out of the peel. This works great especially when walking around in outdoor markets. I have never seen this happen in the States but maybe it does? Comment below if you have seen this!

Since there are so many mangos here there are multiple ways to eat them. The second way is pureed and put into cubes and then frozen. Kind of like how we make baby food in the States.

The other way to eat mangos is how I like to eat them in the States. Frozen! I usually buy my mangos from Trader Joe’s already cut and frozen but here in India people cut and freeze them themselves.


Mangos are such a refreshing treat! I will definitely having them everywhere and being able to eat them all the time.

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