Savannah Weeks
Savannah Weeks
Nicaragua 2016
I will be traveling to Managua, Nicaragua to work with Manna Project International. For two months, I will teach English and nutrition education and help improve the health of those living in Managua through diet and exercise. I plan to work with girls and women, who are most at risk. Read More About Savannah →

Final Week

I can’t believe I only have a handful of days left in Nicaragua. These past two months have been a blur of new friends, a new language, and incredible experiences. Today I had my last exercise class with the women of Cedro Galan. Tomorrow is my last English class. It’s hard to believe it’s all coming to an end.

I have fallen in love with Nicaragua, this beautiful country brimming with culture, history, and vivacity. This is a country where someone you barely know will welcome you into their home. A country where revolutionary slogans are scrawled on concrete throughout the cities. Where at any moment the sky could crack open and wash away the dust covering you from walking on dirt roads. I have seen lava churning in the gaping mouth of a volcano, a strawberry moon as bright as a spotlight in the sky, moths the size of birds, and the Pacific crashing into the sandy Nicaraguan coast.

During my two months here I witnessed the slow shift from dry to rainy season. Grasses, vines, and all green things stealthily cloaked the earth. It happened slowly, but it seemed as if one day I woke up in a suddenly verdant jungle. Nicaragua has a way of quietly changing, quietly¬†changing you. It wasn’t until a community meeting last night that I realized just how far my Spanish has come. As I begin to say goodbye, I’m realizing how much I’ll miss the people I’ve met here. I’m sad to go, but these memories will stay with me forever. It’s not really goodbye, just until next time.


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