Eric Taft
Eric Taft
Guatemala 2013-2014
Eric Taft is a recent graduate of Belmont University's Social Entrepreneurship program. Eric is traveling to Chimaltenango, Guatemala with his wife, Hilary, to work on an economic development compound for one year. This is a dream come true. Read More About Eric →

Feed our Need to Read

About two weeks ago, at a very unfortunate time, we found out that our Internet has a limit.  It surprised us when, after finishing another episode of Breaking Bad, our modem notified us that we had used our 12 GB’s for the month.  That meant no emails, no updates, no Breaking Bad.  The last of those really devastated us.  We were already accustomed to reading books about 3 hours a night, but this news meant that’s what would consume most of our nights for the duration of the trip.  No matter, we enjoy reading and over the last two months have grown attached to our slowly expanding collection.  Somehow, our city doesn’t have a decent bookstore and to buy a book in Antigua, it can cost over $50.  To be candid, we would love to support the local bookshop, but we’re poor, so half a Benjamin is a little steep to feed our need to read.

We are thankful to our gracious parents for receiving our Amazon purchases and mailing the heavy packages of books all the way to Central America, but we know that sadly, we are doomed to run out of reading material sometime shortly after Christmas.  I would like to share a list of books that we have read, that we highly recommend.  In reply, if there are any books that have captured your time or imagination in the past or more recently, please recommend them in a comment here or on Facebook.   Email or FB me if you want the address to send care-packages, books, postcards, and Nutella if you are so inclined and can tolerate the shipping costs.  Without further ado, the list:

On the History of Guatemala:

A Beauty That Hurts- W. George Lovell

The CIA in Guatemala- Richard H. Immerman

I, Rigoberta Menchu- Rigoberta Menchu

The Art of Political Murder; Who Killed the Bishop- Francisco Goldman

Silence on the Mountain- Daniel Wilkinson

Still to Read- Bitter Fruit


Religion, Discovering Cultures, Novels:

Red Letter Revolution- Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo

I Am Malala- Malala Yousafzai

The English Girl- Daniel Silva

Still to Read- The Kite Runner, Common Wealth


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