Eric Taft
Eric Taft
Guatemala 2013-2014
Eric Taft is a recent graduate of Belmont University's Social Entrepreneurship program. Eric is traveling to Chimaltenango, Guatemala with his wife, Hilary, to work on an economic development compound for one year. This is a dream come true. Read More About Eric →



When the earth is disturbed
The bees will know it
And so will the hornets
The trees will know it.

When peace is disturbed
The doves will cry damned
And so will the lambs
Cry out.

When beauty is disturbed
The mountains will roar
The valleys torn asunder
Will send the rivers to shore.

When innocence is disturbed
The children will listen
Mother locks the door and Father kills the engine
Then stop the pistons.

When the wolf descends the crag
And snaps the branches
Lightfooted, swift, hungry, commanding
Everything goes underground, unless found

When justice is disturbed
The soul comes awake
And starts the fire
And causes the quake
And causes the tremble of the wolf
And causes the fear of the disturber
And causes the doors to fling open
And causes the pistons to turnover
The rivers rush back
The bees and hornets attack
The doves uncry
The branches unsnap
Mother and Father yell
And so do the children
Until peace, beauty, innocence, and justice
Return triumphant, indamnable, ungilded



Nest, 10 feet from my house

Volcano & Clouds

Volcano & Clouds, 20 feet from my house

Guatemalan Girl

Girl from Village Chel, 8 hours from my house

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