Kyle Ducharme
Kyle Ducharme
Thailand 2013-2014
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Christmas Break

Currently, I am sitting in my little bungalow relaxing after a long day on the beaches in Ao Nang, Thailand. The foreign teachers at my school were given over a week off to celebrate Christmas and the New Year while students are taking their mid-terms. I know I should feel a little guilty that my students are working hard on their tests, but the white sand, 90 degree weather, and clear blue waters are

Ao Nang, Thailand

Ao Nang, Thailand

making it hard to do so.

This year is the first time that I will not be making it home to spend Christmas with my family. As hard as it is to not be there for the family festivities, being on the beaches in Thailand makes it a bit easier. To be honest, it doesn’t even feel like Christmas time at all. If my computer and phone didn’t have a calendar I wouldn’t even know today is Christmas Eve.

For the rest of the week, we will be snorkeling, laying on the beach, and jumping around to different islands in the area. It is a blessing to be able to have this opportunity to relax and recuperate for teaching the rest of the semester. It is crazy to think that this is the halfway point of my journey here in Thailand. I am  continuing to soak it in and enjoy every little moment. I cannot wait for the next two months and the many more amazing opportunities that will present itself. Continue to check back as I enjoy the vacation and start the second half of the semester.

Merry Christmas from Thailand!



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