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Profile Kyle DucharmeHello! My name is Kyle and am originally from a small town in Central Massachusetts. After graduating from high school, I began my collegiate career at Bridgewater State University in eastern Massachusetts studying general business. After completing two full years of college, I decided to take a year off to travel around the country, serve others, and learn more about myself. Throughout the 15 months I spent traveling, I was able to live in 7 different states working with a variety of non-profits including AmeriCorps and the Appalachia Service Project.

After I finished my year traveling and serving those less fortunate across the country, I decided to finish my degree at Belmont University. I ended up changing my major from general business to entrepreneurship because of my future desire to start some sort of venture and my love of the program. I ended up finishing my degree and recently graduated from Belmont in May of 2013.

Like many other college students, I went through a phase during my senior year that many refer to as a “quarter-life crisis.” I was really unsure what path I should take once I finish college. Many of my friends immediately begin their 9-5 job after graduation, but this path did not really appeal to me. I learned about the Lumos Student Travel Award halfway through my senior year, and I was immediately interested in the idea of living and working abroad after graduation. I wanted use this award to fund my working adventure being a lead classroom teacher in Northern Thailand with the Council on International Educational Exchange.

During my time abroad, I will be responsible for increasing the verbal competency of my Thai students. I absolutely cannot wait to begin my adventure teaching, traveling around the beautiful country, learning about the fascinating culture, and of course eating delicious Thai food! I encourage you to join me on this journey and continue to check back and see what I am up to abroad!

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