Hannah DeLap
Hannah DeLap
India 2011-2012
Originally from Houston, TX, I currently live in Nashville, TN, where I just graduated from Belmont University with my BBA in Economics. I have a passion for other cultures, cuisine, and traveling. I have traveled to many countries including most of Europe and a backpacking trek by myself throughout Central America. Read More About Hannah →

Arrival in India

So... I finally made it to Jodhpur after much a-due. I got my visa last week and had to wait to get my flight ticket because they were so expensive. But I left on Wednesday from Houston, and arrived to Jodhpur on Friday at noon. The flights were grueling and extensive. The first flight was to London, and luckily I choose the right seat and was allotted 3 seats without anyone next to me. That was nice, except I couldn’t sleep so I watched movies the whole time and felt terrible once I was in London. I had a 10 layover in London! Luckily I rented a miniature hotel that was in the airport called a Yotel (the purplish pictures below), which was like the size of a closet, but I got a couple hours of sleep before having to venture through the airport city to find my terminal, which took me 45 minutes on public transportation.

Anyways, I had a mini-freakout while getting on the flight to Delhi, which was surprising because I hadn’t felt anything until then. It’s not like I was numb to the idea, I just had no idea of what to expect, and still don’t really. But I calmed myself down and had to sit next to an older Indian couple who didn’t speak a lick of English and somehow convinced me to fill out their arrival cards because they were in English. After arriving in Jodhpur, I was terribly tired and got some errands run then checked into the guesthouse for the night. The other interns were meeting the program coordinator and myself at the guesthouse for dinner, so I took a nap then went to rooftop cafe. I met them all, all girls at this time, but chose not to eat and went straight to bed after taking a much needed shower and popping an ambien.

Today was pretty uneventful, I had my first Hindi lesson, which proved to be easy enough so far... Mai Hannah se hei (My name is Hannah). I didn’t learn much yet, but I will. Other than that, I got a cell phone, some Kurtas, long Indian shirts that women were with leggings and scarves called dupras, which I will get tomorrow. Other than that just a few orientation things and dinner with the interns. Tomorrow I go to work at the village, I think.

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