Hannah’s Story

I will be working in Jodhpur, India, and the surrounding rural community of Chandelao. While in India, I will be teaching the impoverished communities about small business development and microfinance. I will also work with the rural communities and initiate small self-help groups for the oppressed groups and teach them the importance of savings and trust in community. In the office, I will perform research and submit proposals for projects.

I am extremely excited to start my internship with FSD and get to India to experience a new life. I am ready for the challenges, surprises, and emotions that I will encounter in India.

I know that I will be working in the rural community of Chandelao for half of every week and in the city of Jodhpur for the weekends. The village of Chandelao is a traditional Rajasthani community that still produces traditional handicrafts from that region of India. I hope to help their businesses run more efficiently and have a competitive position against the factories that produce large scale items.

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