Eric Taft
Eric Taft
Guatemala 2013-2014
Eric Taft is a recent graduate of Belmont University's Social Entrepreneurship program. Eric is traveling to Chimaltenango, Guatemala with his wife, Hilary, to work on an economic development compound for one year. This is a dream come true. Read More About Eric →

3 More Weeks of IndieGoGo

Last Thursday our company Queen Bee launched its IndieGoGo campaign to raise $11,500. To us, it seems like an impossible goal. How could we ever raise that much money? But it’s an honest budget- we need that much to build a laboratory and import raw materials. So I guess $11,500 represents a dream. That number represents how we could start our social enterprise with everything it needs to flourish, to achieve everything it wants immediately. In reality, we probably won’t raise that much, but we get to keep the amount we raise so we’ll make a difference with whatever comes our way.

But I challenge everyone to create their own goal. Can you raise $100 for Queen Bee? Can you raise $500? Can you find enough people to give $10, $20, $50 that you can create your own network of giving? If so, Queen Bee is ready to make a huge difference in our part of Guatemala, but we need help from people who believe in our work and want to see a real change in the future of these children.

I hope you give and I hope you spread the word.  Find us at


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