Anas Saba
Anas Saba
Mexico, 2022
Hi! My name is Anas Saba, I will be working with a social enterprise in Mexico City called Someone Somewhere. They are a lifestyle apparel brand that provides work for rural artisan women. Looking forward to sharing this experience with you all! Read More About Anas →

Two months down!

The last few weeks have been great! I’ve tried to balance work, exploring the city on my own, and hanging out with coworkers and friends. Riding my bike has been a great way to get around and explore neighborhoods faster than I could on foot, but still getting details I would miss if I was driving.

At work, we are moving forward on a project to do content collaborations with content creators in the US. I am really excited to be helping on this project, as it is an area I have experience in. Also, it’s possible that one of the content creators we are going to work with is a friend of mine from high school, small world! On Tuesday I am finally going to get to go to one of the artisan communities that we work with, I can’t wait!

Do I have a backup career as a product model? Showing off our new hats!

Last Sunday, I went to Reforma, a main avenue that closes on Sundays for bike traffic. I decided to pick a direction and ride it out all the way to the end. Little did I know it led all the way to La Basilica de Santa María Guadalupe! This is one of the most important religious sites in Mexico, and in Christianity as a whole. It receives millions of visitors a year, especially on December 12th, Our Lady Guadalupe’s saint’s day. Although I am not Christian, it is still beautiful to watch people from all ages and backgrounds coming together to visit this site. As I got closer to the entrance, there were five people who were of old age, patiently making their way to the site. The five of them walked with their arms embraced around each other. I found the moment very beautiful and emotional.

I continue to be amazed by the everyday beauty here. Whether it’s sharing a moment through a small conversation with a señora at a food stand, a smile and well wishes from a stranger, or the beauty of the greenery and architecture here. On a walk the other day, I stopped to take a photo of a beautiful building as the soft evening light cast over it, surrounded by trees and plants.

I have been grateful for coworkers who are eager to show me around parts of the city I would not have gone to on my own! Last weekend I went with them to La Marquesa, a national park an hour outside of Mexico City that is known for having delicious food, tons of outdoor activities, and fresh air for when you need a break from the city life. Although it started raining on us and got quite cold, it was nice to be in a new environment. It is very easy to fall into the same routine, so I am thankful my coworkers decided to take me out!


The last couple weeks, I have tried to call home more often. One of the underrated aspects of being in Mexico City is we are in the same time zone as Nashville, which has made making facetime much easier. As much as I love living here, I do miss my family often. Hoping they get a chance to come visit me soon!

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