JoAnna Adkisson
JoAnna Adkisson
South Africa 2014
My heartbeat is for victims of some of the world's greatest injustices. My Lumos trip will be to Cape Town, South Africa with The A21 Campaign where I will work with local universities to develop programs aimed at curbing the cycle of sex and labor trafficking in the southern regions of Africa. Read More About JoAnna →

The Privilege in Preparation

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Here I sit by the warm fireplace in our log cabin nestled in the pines of the Pacific Northwest. The holidays have come to a close, but the buzz of celebration and anticipation has not yet subsided. While I have so enjoyed my time home with family, I have thought of little else than my coming adventures. After eight months of talking about it, I am now only days away from setting foot on South African soil.

There is privilege in preparation, though.

I have come to find as I prepare for this trip that some of the most rewarding and fruitful discoveries about self and about the adventure ahead lie in the moments of laboring over paperwork, reading up on the South African culture, phoning advisors, and scheduling out the days on site. As a woman with a mind and heart for global change, I realize that it is the diligence in preparation that positions me for worthwhile interaction in the places that I will go. Humbly I admit that I knew very little about what I was getting myself into when I first submitted this grant proposal. However, it is in this place of humility that I have been deeply moved to acknowledge that I now have the privilege of asking questions, seeking out answers, and wholeheartedly pursuing relationships with a culture far different from my own.  My guess is that this is what these journeys are actually about- I will get back to you about it in the months ahead.

My packing list is almost together – summer attire seems a bit strange after my coat-clad run in the 20 degree weather this morning. My trek on Tuesday will take me from Nashville to Chicago, Chicago through London and then on to Cape Town. My sweet friends from The A21 Campaign will be waiting for me on the other side of 36-hours en route to my amazing adventure. The airports will be sure to host some entertaining stories, so be sure to check back soon for a giggle and an update.

Cheers to what’s ahead!


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