Hilary Hambrick Taft
Hilary Hambrick Taft
Guatemala 2013-2014
I am volunteering at the Monte Cristo Center in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. This family-run community development center provides education, healthcare, & vocational training to the surrounding community. I will assist with teaching English and computer literacy as well as possibly working on a micro-loan fund for local farmers. Read More About Hilary →

The Last Whirlwind

Since mid-April life has been a whirlwind, filled with deadlines, parties, moving, competitions, moving, traveling, weddings, and more moving. The moments of respite have been beautiful- reading on the beach, cozy dinner parties, outdoor concerts, but the general force of the whirlwind has been steady.

Now I look around Eric and I’s house in dismay at the countless trinkets and do-dads that must be accounted for, organized, and relocated. But I am struck with joy at the realization this seeming chaos brings... This is the last gust of whirlwind!  The storm that is quickly picking up speed as we prepare to move to Guatemala is the last gust before our year of adventure.

12 months of a new culture, language, and service. I am so eager to rid our lives of the trinkets and do-dads American life has given us. The whirlwind can have them all. This is the last move for 365 days... We’re “planting”. As much as two nomads like us can plant, that’s what we’re doing. Let the adventure begin!

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