India 2016
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the day to day

Now that the dust (no pun intended, Delhi is sooo dusty) has settled I have more or less a set routine in India. Of course, there are drastic differences between India and the States including constant honking, cows in the road, and no order what-so-ever to basically anything. It is amazing how quickly you get used to these differences.

My days mostly look like this:

5:30 – wake-up, get dressed, meditate (I’m addicted to the app Headspace)

6:60 – walk to yoga; one of my roommates showed me a yoga studio within walking distance from my house so I head there for a class Monday-Friday

7:00-8:00 – yoga; sometimes I replace my morning yoga with a Skype call back to the states being the time difference is so great it is easiest for me to call friends and family during my morning

8:00-8:30 – drink chai and call an Uber; I Uber to work everyday, it is easier than taking the metro which I also love but it is too far away for everyday use – the metro in India feels like another world – it is super clean and always on time! There is nothing else in India like it.

9:30-6:00 – I am at VisionSpring all day Monday to Saturday (yes, we work on Saturday too)

I don’t reach home until around 7:30 so by then I am ready to sit in my room and read and code. I’ve read six book already and done numerous online tutorials to teach myself more in depth web development. I love this time alone! It gives me ample time to knock out my New Year’s Resolutions.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 7.57.28 PM

Since I sit in an office all day, I don’t take many pictures. I need to take more! The other night my Uber couldn’t get through becuase there were so many cows in the way! Haha. Cows are sacred here so they are never eaten or killed. They are let loose after they are no longer able to produce milk so they just wander in the streets.

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