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The night before takeoff

It is finally happening!! Finals are finally over and I am now a senior, but most importantly, I am going to Shanghai tomorrow! After being worn out by the last few weeks of school, this sense of adventure had revitalized me and my ambitions to accomplish what I can abroad and experience a new chapter in my life. To be honest, it feels very surreal.

Shanghai has been dubbed the pearl of China for its history and cultural force. I have been to Shanghai five years ago but that was a very different time, and now I have a very different motive instead of being a tourist.


This is me in 2012 at the Shanghai Oriental Pearl, one of (if not the) tallest skyscraper in East Asia.

China is a place where one blink of an eye can change an entire landscape. Now as I return to Shanghai, I wonder how much of it will have changed and how much it has grown. I now return to Shanghai as a more grown person ready to immerse myself in the community and culture. With exams off of my mind, the only thing is about the anticipated trip, that is finally here.

See you all in Shanghai soon!