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I’m Here

Hola Amigos! Estoy aqui en El Republico Dominicana! It has been two days, but it already feels like a week! After nearly 20hours of travel it felt so good to get here on Monday! The first thing I did was take a shower, then Liz, the organization founder and my surrogate mom, took me to the beach. Montellanos, the local beach area, is only 5 minutes away and she wanted to show me how beautiful it was and to just talk and get me feeling good about being there. The next day I got to hang out at the club. The club is where the local kids have class and learn job skills; boys on Tuesdays, girls on Thursday, English class on Friday and Monday and everyone on Saturday. I feel as if I am just breaking the surface of all I will do and see and experience here, of course it’s only day two! Hasta luego!