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We have had another exciting week here at VisionSpring. Our kids program has been ramping up and we have already broken even! This initiative partners with local schools to provide eye screenings and then eyeglasses free to children. If a child does not need eyeglasses (ultimately what we hope for!) they receive a pair of sunglasses instead. It is so fun watching the kids pick out their new eyeglasses/sunglasses and leave excited and more knowledgable about healthy eye care!

Here is how the program works:

A representative from VisionSpring visits a local school and gives a PowerPoint presentation on the importance of eye care to the students and faculty. Most of these students have never had the chance to get their eyes tested and are unfamiliar with healthy eye care. A big aim of the presentation is to get students excited about coming to get their eyes tested!

After the presentation each student is given a voucher for free eye testing and a free pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. VisionSpring always offers free eye testing but never offers free eyeglasses. This program is the only exception.

Above is a little boy from a nearby school getting his eyes tested! He was very excited to redeem his voucher.

Above is a group of little boys who came in to get their eyes tested after school. They were proud of their vouchers and all walked out with a cool pair of sunglasses! The sun is so bright in New Delhi that sunglasses are a must. It is sunny most of the time and the temperature has already reached 108 degrees!

As part of the Kids Access Program we offer free eye testing to parents and teachers of the students. We have found that if kids have role models wearing eyeglasses they will want to wear theirs too. Parents and teachers receive 40% off their new frames as part of the program.

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