Alexandra Haass
Alexandra Haass
South Africa 2012-2013
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Rocking the Daisies

“When I was a girl, favorite thing in the whole wide world was to see a field and run for no reason...the sky is blue, blue for no reason.” – Bonnie Raitt

October 4-7 Cloof Wine Estate, Darling

This post is slightly outdated but I have to catch up on some of my goings on because I have a few epic ones to come that I don’t want to overshadow the also wonderful experiences that occurred earlier in the month. This particular account will recall the AWESOME weekend that was Rocking the Daisies (arial photo above). Just think the South African Lollapalozza, or Woodstock for those of you born circa 1989, basically four days of sunshine, camping, fun loving people, great food and drinks, dancing, no showers, and MUSIC! So much awesome live music, my ears literally were in paradise.

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It was so great to spend a weekend away from the city and just be surrounded by beautiful music, scenery, and people. I really felt like I was able to completely bring my mind into the present to fully enjoy the experience, neglect all worries or thoughts that existed in reality and be carefree. At Rocking the Daisies things didn’t need to be justified by reason, they were perfect just the way they were.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves here. To my fellow music lovers check out the following names if you know what is good for you:
– Jeremy Loops- a looping genius that brought the house down. Also my friends boss at Greenpop. He likes to plant trees too!
– Black Handed Kites
– Goldfish
– Black Handed Kites
– Desmond and the Tutus
– Pascal & Pierce










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