JoAnna Adkisson
JoAnna Adkisson
South Africa 2014
My heartbeat is for victims of some of the world's greatest injustices. My Lumos trip will be to Cape Town, South Africa with The A21 Campaign where I will work with local universities to develop programs aimed at curbing the cycle of sex and labor trafficking in the southern regions of Africa. Read More About JoAnna →

One Month In

I have been in Cape Town for one month now. My back is pressed against my chair as I look through the pictures that I have taken throughout my four weeks here- exhale! I really am in the most beautiful place in the world. I must admit that I am not the most consistent and fervent photographer. I much prefer to capture the moments in my memory rather than behind a camera lens, but for your sake, I am trying!

This last weekend, I visited Cape Point- the southwestern-most tip of the African continent. My love tank for the outdoors has been full for the entire duration of my trip, with South Africa’s limitless opportunity to hike, bike, run, surf, etc. Ali and I hiked the hills around the Cape of Good Hope and then ventured up to the Cape Point lighthouse. The whole drive down, I was crossing my fingers that we would see one of the infamous baboons that roam this area while Ali was reaching across the middle console to uncross them. Apparently the last time she was in Cape Town, baboons surrounded the cars, confining the team inside until they finally fulfilled their curiosity and left them alone. But I’m stubborn and plan to go back in the weeks ahead and find a baboon…

Cape Point

Cape Point Lighthouse

Cape of Good Hope

On Sunday I connected with a local doctor that runs a free community clinic for people living in the townships and other impoverished areas surrounding Cape Town. Dr. Karen is a native South African who studied pediatrics and obstetrics at the University of Cape Town. She spent several years working in the most marginalized communities in India only returning a few years ago to start a similar program here in Cape Town. I plan to join in her rotations in the weeks ahead as she works with young children with the most basic ailments to rape victims, prostitutes, HIV/AIDS patients, and others. I fully expect this to be one of the most formative experiences that I will have here.

In other news, I am learning to surf with the sharks, taking Krav Maga classes, and reading through the reports from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Love this place 🙂 More to come in my next post!



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