Hillary Merwin
Hillary Merwin
Colombia 2013
Hola! My travels are taking me to Bogotá, Colombia where I will be spending six months volunteering with a community development organization called Fundación Comunidad Viva by tutoring children in after-school programs, planning community events, leading camps and much more. Join me on this adventure! Read More About Hillary →

Moving on

This week we finished up our service to the Alturo family. And what an amazing way to end this experience.

After battling an infection during the recovery process, Laura is finally able to return home. The tumor was benign and has been completely removed and the doctors are optimistic that with continued therapy, she will make a full recovery.

We spent everyday at the house this week, preparing for Laura’s return. Some hard core cleaning went down and of course, lots of cooking. We could sense a noticeable lightness when talking to Laura’s parents, who couldn’t hide this new hope of returning to their normal lives with a healthy daughter.

It looks like there’s a possibility I will get to continue visiting this neighborhood as Jorge wants me to take over and expand the Ciudad Corazón program with the children! It’s possible that I will get to meet with them once a week and plan activities and lessons, etc. I’m definitely excited about this possibility!

We are also planning on a construction project for this family, remodeling some rooms in their apartment, etc. (it would be a much needed renovation!).

This next week we will be preparing for the tutoring program to begin at the end of July–promoting it, getting volunteers, etc. It will be a nice change of pace and I’m looking forward to getting to work with the kids as they are preparing to start the new school year! I’m hoping my Spanish skills will hold up when trying to help them with their homework. I’ve already sensed a noticeable difference in my speaking skills and am excited that my Spanish is improving so quickly!

More updates to come soon with pictures!



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