Dominican Republic 2010
mber Garner is a 2010 Belmont University graduate who earned a degree in journalism. She is passionate about serving people and ready to see what God has in store for her on the island of Hispaniola. Read More About Amber →

Lola’s House

There is a grandmother here named Lola. Lola is not tall. I think in her younger days she must have been 5’4”, but time has pushed her down to 5’2”.  She has long brown hair that is mostly covered by the hairs that have turned snowy white that she wears pulled back in a bun. Lola is kind and loving and when she hugs you she makes you feel warmand safe like how a good mother does. At Lola’s house there are 16 children.  She is their protector, provider and teacher. Lola’s children are the most well behaved and respectful, yet their personalities are not stifled. They are the product of a loving home and a strong woman. Lola came to pick up her monthly food allowance last week and brought 6 of the children with her. They dance around Lola in the way Earth dances around the Sun. Orbiting in reverence and love. She is one of the most remarkable people I have met here and I haven’t even had a full conversation with her. I have grown to know her children very well and they are beautiful. There are 18 children in our orphanage in Haiti, in Lola’s house there are 16 children.

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