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I can’t believe it is already May!

Time has flown! I feel like I just arrived in India. The last ninety days have felt long but the weeks and months have flown by.

This month I am focusing on exploring Delhi. I know that sounds funny because I live here but since I work six days a week, get home after dark, and am always working on a project or class I don’t have much time to explore. My co-workers love to take weekend trips so we are always planning a new city to see outside of Delhi. I am trying to explore a new place in Delhi every Sunday. Because of this I might start posting about the previous week on Mondays. We’ll see.

Yesterday my co-worker Erika and I planned a full day of exploration in 115 degree weather.

We started the day at the National Gallery of Modern Art. The museum was huge and we were there for three hours. While I enjoy the principals of traditional Indian art, I much prefer more modern art. There was a ton of traditional and modern art at the museum which was awesome. We were strictly forbidden (I’m talking guards following you around while you “admire the art”) from taking pictures in the museum so I can’t show you my favorites but if you’re ever in Delhi it is worth a visit.

Next we went to lunch at Yo Tibet. Erika and I both love Tibetan food. After a quick stop for soup and tons of water we headed over to Haus Kaus Village. There are really unique shops here and places to eat. I hear it is a pretty happening place at night but I’ve only been during the day.

To end the night we headed back towards where I live and saw The Jungle Book in 3D. It was so good! I haven’t seen a kids movie since I was a nanny many years ago so I really enjoyed it. Movie theaters are  extremely secure in India. You have to walk through two metal detectors to enter and then empty out your bag or purse to have the contents inspected. The “no outside food” rule is also taken very seriously. For example, I had a pack of gum in my purse with two pieces left and they made me put it in a locker for the duration of the movie. They said I could buy more when I was inside. Hahaha...

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^ we wish these were ours!

^ an alley in the village

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