Jessica Molloy
Jessica Molloy
Dominican Republic 2019 - 2020
I am traveling to La Vega, Dominican Republic and will be working with New Hope Girls! This is a safe house for girls ages 4-17 seeking refuge from dark and difficult places. I will be the certified teacher on site of the safe house! Read More About Jessica →


Well here we are again after a bit of a break. 

A restful, yet chaotic break back home. 

While at home, I was able to step outside what is actually going on in my day to day here. It was bizarre to step out of it and back into the American culture and not see my girls each day. I missed them so much, I talked about them each day and hoped they were practicing their numbers and letters to start right back when I got back. Facetime helped with that reminder when I would see their cute, little faces about every other day. 

A past intern here said once that she wasn’t able to process her time here until a few months or even a few years after she had left. That felt so real. Although I was stepping back for two weeks, I haven’t be able to touch the surface of processing everything that has happened in the past six months, the good, the beautiful and the raw. So, now that I am a little more than halfway with my DR journey, I thought I could dedicate a blog to the things that I have learned about myself, these girls, and the world since living in La Vega to get a little head start on the processing process :

( if you really know me, you’ll have fun reading these things that I’ve learned about myself, get excited) 

I love walking but also hate it 

I’m an extroverted introvert 

Going with the flow is stressful at times for me

Dreaming in Spanish is exhausting 

I want to be near family when before I wanted to live far away

Motorcycles are fun (don’t tell my Dad)

Empanadas are the real deal 

When I get to the end of my rope, God always shows up even when I haven’t asked Him to 

 I used to hate rain, now I see it as a new baptism and a fresh start, it’s beautiful 

Empanadas delivered to my door by moto is the best thing ever (only downfall with that is the delivery guy is in love with me and I had to tell him off) 

Self care is IMPORTANT 

Soda tastes better here

Chinola is actually passion fruit

I’m definitely a dark roast coffee gal 

I have a lot more patience than I thought I had 

I didn’t realize how much love I have for girls that aren’t related to me 

Now here are some awesome new updates about my second half here!!!

  • I HAVE A NEW HOUSE (my last house, I went 5 week without water there and that taught me a bunch of thing so I am happy to let it go but also sad because it definitely is where got wanted me to learn some patience and waiting) 
  • I HAVE A NEW CLASSROOM (this new classroom is INCREDIBLE, it has a separate entrance from the house part so the girls really feel like it is a school and not home)
  • Really not much else has changed but I am excited to dive even deeper with these girls as I finish my time here and remind that I will for sure be visiting because since leaving for Christmas, I have realized that I will miss them way to much to not visit

Some of my favorites moments the past two weeks back in Annapolis, Maryland: 

  • the Baltimore Ravens game with my family, my boyfriend and my best friend!
  • Lots of hugs 
  • Cousin and brother time!
  • More hugs
  • Running six miles in the rain with Nicholes, mi amor
  • Hugs from mom 
  • Cream of Crab Soup
  • Hugsssss
  • Charcuterie boards galore 
  • meeting my furry nephew, Cooper the Pooper
  • time with my best friend, Leah Lion

I’ll let the pictures to tell you the rest!



cooper the pooper

cousins and brother time

spent some time with this handsome one

mom & dad <3

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