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Hello World

Hello World!

I’m Rae Hatfield. I graduated from Belmont University in December with a degree in Social Entrepreneurship. Life has been a whirlwind since graduation. Here is what I have been up to:

  1. The day after graduation my brothers drove through the night to Nashville and packed up my apartment to move my stuff into storage so I could move to India.
  2. I traveled from Nashville to Kansas City to Minneapolis for the holidays.
  3. On December 30th me and six people I did not before know boarded separate planes and ended up in Bogota, Colombia for what we called The New Year’s Adventure Club. We traveled around Colombia for two weeks together. We jumped off cliffs, rode rickshaws, learned spanish, got painfully sick, and most importantly became friends.
  4. Our last night in Colombia turned into an unforeseen adventure as our passports were stolen. Never. Ever. Let. This. Happen. To. You. But if it does, I’m your girl. Anyway, this hiccup kept us in Colombia for another five days. No big deal. After being illegally flown across the country to the US Consulate, everything was fixed.
  5. From Colombia I flew into NYC to get an emergency passport, Indian Visa, and to work for what was supposed to be 10 days but it ended up snowing 30 inches the day I was supposed to fly out so I ended up spending another week in NYC. I didn’t mind. There are much worse places to be stuck.
  6. From there I few back into Kansas City to prepare to leave for India.

I am a Technology Fellow for VisionSpring and am spending the next four consecutive months living in New Delhi, India because of Lumos. I am thrilled about living in India and for the opportunity through Lumos to embark on this great adventure!


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