Dominican Republic 2010
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Since I am in a Spanish speaking country you may think that everyone celebrateded the Dia de los Muertes yesterday, well they didn’t, just Mexico. No one really celebrates Halloween here. At the club we had a big party for the kids though. We did face painting and had a ton of candy and snacks. We also did a haunted house which was so funny. It was a great day for them and us! Later that night we had a sleep over/lock in with all the girls. So great! They had never really done anything like that before. We danced, painted nails, watched movies, ate junk food and let them stay up way too late. While we were dancing one of the girls Patricia looked at me and yelled AHhhhhh, La Gringa puedes bailar! The white woman can dance! It was great sleeping on the floor with them and getting to bond, one of my favorite nights here for sure!

My computer is still broken and I’m waiting to hear back on what they could recover and how much longer, My hard drive crashed, in case you are just tuning in. Also, I had a show down with a large roach that decided to come in our house. I, like the warrior I am stared it in the face, and jumped on the couch. Seriously, the biggest bug I have ever seen. So, after a twenty minute show down of me trying to hit it with the broom and running away, Chulo the dog tried to bite it and got it on its back. So I hit it with the broom, pushed it into a mac and cheese box, hit it with a shoe and threw it away! Life is good! Lots of pics to come!

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