RiTara Williams
RiTara Williams
South Africa 2014 - 2015
My name is RiTara Williams and I will be working at an internship in Cape Town, South Africa. I will be working with African Impact and The Happy Africa Foundation. Read More About RiTara →

Free Falling

Last weekend calls for its own blog post! I JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE WILLINGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is something so freeing about going skydiving! As I was getting hooked up in the harness I started to get really nervous about what I was about to do but there was no backing out now! There wasn’t very much instruction about what was about to go on so my nerves were through the roof! We walked out onto the tarmac to meet the plane and this super small plane landed in front of us. I was not sure how this plane was about to carry 6 people, let alone get off the ground with us. We all packed into the plane in an interesting arrangement and off we were!

The beautiful views helped calm my nerves about the jump but I could no longer deny that I was terrified to jump out of this plane. I was sitting there thinking about all that could go wrong and how I could have a heart attack from the fear and I decided that I needed to be at peace about jumping out of the plane because that is the only way I was getting back to the ground at this point. I sat in that tiny plane and prayed for peace in my mind. I prayed that I would have an overwhelming calm come over me because I knew that he would keep me through this! I let go of all of my worry and all of my doubt and by the time the door was opened I was perfectly fine.

The girl jumping out before me began holding on to my leg for dear life but out the plane she eventually went. I let out the quickest scream of excitement because I was next and I scooted to let my legs dangle out of the plane. We were instructed to get in the shape of a banana to avoid any injury from the initial force of wind and what felt like an hour I sat dangling waiting for my jump master to push off. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and without even noticing, we were falling through the air.

There was no feeling of falling and I felt no fear. I was basically just along for the ride falling through the sky enjoying some amazing views. Everybody has these amazing videos of them screaming with amazed looks on their face and then there was me just looking down at the views with the calmest look on my face the whole time. The coolest part of my video was how straight my Afro got in the wind.

In all, being able to put my faith in the fact that God would get me safely back to the ground was the most humbling part of skydiving. I loved my experience and I would definitely do it again!



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