Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson
Thailand 2023 - 2024
Sawadee ka! My name is Anna, and I am traveling to Bangkok, Thailand where I will serve as a Volunteer Legal Advocate at Asylum Access Thailand (AAT). AAT provides comprehensive support and legal services to refugees. At AAT, I will conduct client intake and research. Read More About Anna →

First official week of work – lots of firsts (June 30, 2023)

I’ve officially had my first week of work, and I also had a friend come visit me last weekend – it’s been an eventful week!

Last week, I met with a courier from AAT who helped me run errands such as setting up a Thai bank account, getting a phone plan with a Thai carrier, and finalizing my work permit documentation. It was really helpful to have her accompany me because she was able to communicate in Thai about which type of account to set up, which phone plan might be best, etc. I’m also going to be getting a separate phone through AAT which will be used to make client calls.

I’m still getting my bearings and exploring different things in Bangkok. Although I haven’t taken the MRT (subway) yet because there isn’t an MRT station near my apartment, I did take the BTS sky train for the first time last week. It was really easy to navigate as a foreigner. First, I went to the station near my apartment, then I selected the right route using Google Maps. Once, I’d figured out which stop I was getting off at, I entered the destination and paid around 50 baht in coins. Then, I took the card and scanned it to get through. I was amazed at how quiet the sky train is – both the train itself and the people inside. It’s definitely way calmer (and cleaner) than NYC subways.

So far, I’ve found that Grab bikes are a quick and easy way to get to locations that aren’t too far away, like work, for example. However, when destinations are further away, the sky train is typically a more affordable option.

I’m still getting used to the heat in BKK. I bought some tank tops and shorts because I didn’t bring a ton of clothes with me, and lightweight, cool summer clothes are definitely what I need. It’s amazing how so many people here will be wearing pants and a long sleeved shirt and not even be sweating. I feel like I’m sweating buckets and need a shower every time I leave the apartment haha. Also – sunscreen is key here.

Steven updates:

Steven and I on the flight

Steven being cute in the new apt 😉

Last weekend:

  • When my friend came in town, it was the perfect opportunity to see some of the top sights in Bangkok. We managed to pack a lot into one weekend, including going to Chatuchak Market, Lumpini Park, Chinatown, Khaosan Road, several temples, and a river cruise. We spent several hours at both Wat Pho and the Grand Palace; they are incredible. We also saw Wat Arun from a distance.

at the Grand Palace

Lumpini Park

amazing BKK night views

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