Nardien Sadik
Nardien Sadik
Cairo, Egypt 2023-2024
Hello everyone! My name is Nardien Sadik, and I am a 2023 Belmont graduate. My Lumos travel will be based in Cairo, Egypt and for six months I will be working alongside BlessEgypt to help advocate for underserved communities in Cairo. Read More About Nardien →

February Update :)

Hey Blog!

These past two weeks have been really good! I am in love with Egypt adventures and have been making good on a promise to myself to explore more while I am here! I had the awesome opportunity to go to a show at a local church that was put on by the kids who attend the church. It was really good and I enjoyed watching Egyptian theatre and comparing art styles with American ones.

I also have recently been going out to new cafes and restaurants with some friends I’ve made while being in Egypt which has been really fun. One of the friends I made while here got a visa to go work in Dubai so we threw him a goodbye party and I spent some time teaching him some key English phrases in order to help with the adjustment. I also have gotten really into Paddle and go somewhat frequently now to the local paddle court. I’ve always really loved sports and learning a new one with a few friends has been a fun way to pass the time.

I got to go paint some pottery recently which was also really fun and a lot harder than I thought it would be. I really like a challenge so I will definitely be going back. I recently said goodbye to a friend who was visiting Egypt who I got to see and it was really hard to not to miss her but the memories we made were so special.

The weather here has been slightly warmer which has also been helping with my good mood, and I am happy to report that I got into Vandy Law this past weekend which has been awesome as it has helped me not stress so much about the admissions cycle.

In addition to going out to the theatre, cafes, and picking up a new hobby in paddle I have been having some really fulfilling meetings at work. I got the chance to work on the presentation a monk will present abroad discussing orthodoxy in great lengths to a group of who has never heard of it before. It was really cool to learn so much more in depth about my faith and get to share this knowledge with others in an indirect way.


a colleague and I took a picture in the office

after photo of a shirt i decided to cut the neck off of

before photo of the shirt I decided to cut up for fun

group photo of the little get together for the friend leaving to Dubai

hang out in a cafe

donkey in the streets of egypt that looked kinda cute

photo of my friend Amira who was visiting from the States and has now gone back

Zatun in Egypt, a new city explored

pottery with Amira!


Church theatre performance


Thats all for now Blog,

Until Next Time,

Nardien Sadik

Cairo, Egypt

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