Shannon Fish
Shannon Fish
Rwanda 2018
Amakuru! I am a recent graduate passionate about education, and the sustainable impact it can have on people and societies. Join me for seventeen weeks in Rwanda, as I tutor in English and equip students with skill sets that will allow them to strive intentionally towards their dreams and goals. Read More About Shannon →

Exciting news!

I have news y’all! I decided that my time here in Rwanda is not finished. In the middle of my fellowship, I spent time reflecting if I should come back, and then decided that there is still so much more for me to do and learn in this country. So I decided after returning home for Christmas and presenting my convo at Belmont University, I will be returning to Kigali, Rwanda.

I was offered a fellowship as a Start Up Fellow in the department of New Ventures at Akilah Institute. Akilah is the first all-girls institute in the country, and the founder actually went to Vanderbilt University. Small world! I will be working directly underneath the Managing Director of New Ventures as her fellow. Our mission is to find new, creative ways to generate money for the university to sustain the growth and expansion of Akilah! I am in fact combining three of my greatest passions: research, entrepreneurship, and girl’s education. Honestly, it is quite remarkable that I found this fellowship in such a short amount of time and that the week I decided to look for jobs, they had just recently posted the job information. Can I get a God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

I had been to campus previously when I visited for my research. And let me tell you, these women radiate confidence and it was so easy to make friends after only being here for a few hours. Returning back from my interview, I ran into so many wonderful new friends that greeted me and were so joyful to hear that I will be working with them. This working environment is going to be amazing! I can not wait!

So, that’s my news! I get to work with bad as women who are changing gender dynamics in Rwanda, empowering their local communities and pursuing excellence in their lives. I can not wait to work to encourage these women further to pursue their dreams.

Ain’t life crazy!

Let the adventure continue… Komeza imbere.

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