Morgan Fisher
Morgan Fisher
South Africa 2015
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Cape Town

This weekend, I had the pleasure of returning to Cape Town. I participated in a study abroad program that travelled to Cape Town 2 years ago. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! So, my heart was racing as I stepped on that plane from Johannesburg to return.

I spent Friday geocaching and exploring different areas of the city with my friend Samuel, his brother, and one of their friends. If you don’t know what geocaching is, I first and foremost, apologize,  because it takes you back to your childhood! It is an anytime, any day adventure that takes you to new places in your community to find little treasures.

On Friday evening, I met up with my old friend Peter and finally got to meet his amazing girlfriend Ali! Ali and I have so much in common with our hearts for social justice, marketing, and Jesus. Peter was a musician that I connected with through Bands that JAM for Africa a few years ago and is now very passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. They are such a power couple! We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and walk through Camps Bay and had some of the best fish and chips I have ever had for dinner by the water. It continues to astound me how God leads me to people with generous hearts, joyful personalities, and conversations that continue to fuel my passion. Peter & Ali brought so much joy to my weekend.


On Saturday morning my friend Samuel and I met Peter, Ali, and their friend Andre at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. This had to be one of the most impressive markets I have ever been to. It was filled with unique products and mouthwatering food! The possibilities were endless.

After the market festivities, we said our farewell to Samuel and the rest of us went on to catch a train to Kalk Bay. We walked out onto the pier and took in the picturesque view on the right.

There were so many quirky shops and art galleries to explore! We found ourselves at a restaurant with extraordinary seafood for a resting point, as the sun had nearly knocked us out.

We had to leave before sundown to catch the train and as we waited for it, we were told to enter on the other side of the tracks so we quickly ran to the opposite side to wait. As we began to hear the train approaching, we noticed that we were initially on the correct side of the station. Welcome to Africa...! We then saw various people jump onto the train tracks in desperation of catching the train. We quickly decided that we would talk the stairs and that we were not desperate enough to jump onto the tracks to get back to town. However, we did manage to catch the train on time and Andre got a really good seat neighbor.


Once we got back to town, we spent a bit of time at Peter’s house watching School of Rock and recovering from the intensity of the sun.

I then returned to where I was staying to have a walk on the Waterfront and a nice dinner alone to recap on all of the miraculous connections and experiences God orchestrated for me in the previous 48 hours.

I truly cannot fathom how fulfilled I was from the time spent with these lovely friends. Each and everyone of them was so tender hearted and protective of me. I am so thankful for the people that made Cape Town a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to return.

Much love,



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