Dominican Republic 2010
mber Garner is a 2010 Belmont University graduate who earned a degree in journalism. She is passionate about serving people and ready to see what God has in store for her on the island of Hispaniola. Read More About Amber →

A Slide By Any Other Name Is Still a Slide

Our boys and girls club is in Bario Haiti. Not in Haiti, that just the name of our neighborhood. Right across the street is a playground. It’s not the worst playground in the world, but it’s not the best. Still, these kids have so much fun! It’s a thousand degrees and they love running and sliding and climbing on everything. One day, I was in the club working on some media stuff and I looked out the door to see at least 15 of our kids piled on the slide! They were seeing how many could fit on the slide at once it was so funny! There are so many basic needs here that should be met, but aren’t and still the kids are kids and just want to slide with their friends!

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