Sarai Gal-Chis
Sarai Gal-Chis
Romania 2013
Hi! My name is Sarai, and I’m just another 19 year old - one who has been extraordinarily and undeservingly blessed. As an immigrant to the United States from Romania, I am very excited for the opportunity to go back to my hometown this summer and work with orphan girls alongside Romanian Orphan Ministries. Read More About Sarai →

Spunănd “La Revedere” [Saying “Until Next Time”]

Departures are so hard. Having to say goodbye to someone that you’ve spent every day with for almost 3 months is not easy. Now multiply that by the number of girls I spent everyday with...

We had such a beautiful last week together! I got to spend a lot of personal time with the girls working alongside them, visiting the city with them, and specifically making time to talk and just be with each of them before I left.

We made jam and cracked nuts [the Romanian way]...1075778_10201649135736893_1111101987_n 1010839_10201649136416910_791346690_n

...took care of our chickens and bunnies...


...played music and sang our hearts out...

935867_10201679783143059_1033601880_n 431199_10201679782663047_1394328136_n 1044428_4527630407827_1220139640_n

... took a trip to Ciuperca to see the entire city and just talk and enjoy the hike...

1012671_10201649011493787_216696039_n 1003019_10151727486125900_879088676_n557035_10151727484400900_1776707127_n

... invaded a sunflower field, just for fun..

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...I surprised them with a sleepover and American-style pancakes for breakfast the next morning...


... As they surprised me with my favorite meal as well as some heartfelt wonderful gifts!! (hopefully I will have pictures of them to post later!)


I will miss their smiling faces, big hugs, and amazing hearts immensely. I can’t believe how quickly the summer flew by! They tell me to stay and come back, and I’m praying that I’ll have the opportunity to do that in the future. Until then, I can’t wait to keep seeing them grow in maturity and as adults- they have so much potential in them and I want them to use it! They know that their Mami loves them, and sends a huge hug to all her girls... until we meet again.

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