Sarai Gal-Chis
Sarai Gal-Chis
Romania 2013
Hi! My name is Sarai, and I’m just another 19 year old - one who has been extraordinarily and undeservingly blessed. As an immigrant to the United States from Romania, I am very excited for the opportunity to go back to my hometown this summer and work with orphan girls alongside Romanian Orphan Ministries. Read More About Sarai →

Școală [School]


As schooling is necessary to the girls’ integration into society and the workplace, it’s something that is part of the program at the Beauty from Ashes center.

Each girl from the Beauty from Ashes center goes through a homeschooling type program that covers 3 different subjects: Romanian, Mathematics, and Bible. The different levels each have about 2 students, so each student gets alot of one on one attention and help with their classes.

So.. I’ve been teaching! I was assigned the first level of students, so I have 2 students:



and Roxana!


In addition, they’ve added English classes to the schooling that all the girls partake in, and I teach both the introductory and advanced levels of this. I’ve had to come up with my own curriculum, trying to encompass and review what they already know, as well as teach them new material, both grammar and vocabulary. I currently have 4 English students... and it’s going great! They have a passion to learn the language because it’s used by the American volunteers that come to work at the center as well as in movies and universally. I’m so glad that I’m able to help them with this and with translation at the center since I speak both Romanian and English.

These girls are so near and dear to my heart- I’m glad that I can show them that I care about them by spending the time teaching their classes and then helping them learn and outside tutoring and homework help around the center. 🙂942379_10201343839064667_1362720996_n

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