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Stephanie BrakeAs of May 2011, Stephanie Brake earned a Bachelor of Arts in Entertainment Industry Studies from Belmont University with a minor in Spiritual Formation.
Stef is a two-fold soul: part of which is driven by the arts and the other motivated through activism. Volunteer work on a farm in Waipahi, New Zealand for three months – September to December – will provide an opportunity to dig deeper into the social justice side, thanks to the Lumos Foundation, Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) and a charming host family residing in the South Otago region.

“Mainly why Marama Organics became the final location for my project is because of their values. I wholeheartedly believe that good, clean and fair food is a universal human right, and many intimate memories with people I love were created sharing meals together. Thus I’m eager to learn techniques at food’s root of origin. From the planting to the harvest to the marketplace. And since I’m a native resident of a town whose lost much of its agriculture and livestock tradition within the last few decades, it’s important that I explore the struggles and advantages of raising crops and meats from a local perspective, especially with the rise of environmental concerns. To me, one of the simplest ways to be sustainable starts with a seed and the enriched, natural soil of the earth.”

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