About Rainu

Rainu Ittycheriah just recently completed her degree in English Literature at Belmont University. As a former musician, journalist, and visual artist, her blog will be sure to incorporate all kinds of media as well as insights into Thai culture. Beginning with her own East Indian heritage, Rainu began studying Asian cultures. Her first trip abroad was to India when she was just 4 years old. Last year, Rainu traveled to Japan to study Buddhism and ancient Japanese literature. Thrilled by all the fascinating pieces of culture, she couldn’t help but know she wanted to travel and work more. Living a compassionate life and treating the journey as home, Rainu is thrilled to begin her work with Frontier in Koh Tao and Sing Buri. As a primary school teacher, she will earn her Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate while volunteering. Upon returning, Rainu hopes to engage in both the academic world and the business world. Through her experience in journalism, marketing, and social media, she has acquired skills valuable to any job. Simultaneously, Rainu will apply for Ph.D programs in English Literature in hopes of becoming a professor.

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