Sarai Gal-Chis
Sarai Gal-Chis
Romania 2013
Hi! My name is Sarai, and I’m just another 19 year old - one who has been extraordinarily and undeservingly blessed. As an immigrant to the United States from Romania, I am very excited for the opportunity to go back to my hometown this summer and work with orphan girls alongside Romanian Orphan Ministries. Read More About Sarai →

Încercări [Trials]

Another week has passed- it’s unbelievable how quickly time flies! With all the good that happens, some bad also insists on accompanying as well, and this busy week brought both good and bad. But we have to stay strong, and trust that things will all work out for the good.

This week started off with a trip to the small town of Buzias with one of the girls. In Romania, when students finish 8th grade, they have to pass a proficiency exam that allows their transition into high school based on two subjects- Romanian and Mathematics. This exam isn’t very easy, and I, along with several others, had been helping her prepare for it. So we returned to the town where she had finished her middle school years so that she could take this exam (we are awaiting final results!).

Below is a picture of the entrance to the high school where she took her exam



As soon as I returned to Oradea, the next two days greeted me with the hustle and bustle of getting everything set up for the yard sale the organization was having. Along with clothes donation and items that the girls have handmade (such as headbands, earrings, ect.), we also sold baked goodies. The goodies were quite tempting... but the yard sale was a great joint interaction between everyone. This combined effort between volunteers, workers, and the girls teaches the girls how to be diligent, helpful, and attentive hosts.

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With all of the fun, events, and success that comes, there are also trials that come. With any organization that does work of this nature, there are daily, smaller challenges, and also massive, devastating hardships that attack, and that must all be overcome.

This week, I experienced the removal of a girl from the program as a consequence for her actions. When we accept someone at Beauty from Ashes, we don’t accept them as just another girl that we work with. No. We accept them as part of our family, showing them acceptance, sacrificing for them, and giving them the best that we can. The desire and heart of Corey and Diana who started this organization, as well as of all those working here, is to support the girls in creating a better life and loving them, so that Beauty can truly be created from Ashes.

But what I experienced this week, the betrayal, the lies, the thievery.. are some of the hardest things to experience from someone that you trusted and gave everything you could to help. I think we oftentimes forget the hardships that come from dedicating one’s time or life as in the case of Corey and Diana, to helping these girls. As much love and time that you invest into a person, that’s how much hurt you can receive in return if they decide to turn back to their old ways. But we don’t focus on this, and even though hurt happens, it’ll all pass if we can help other girls. We stay strong-we keep loving, caring, and praying everyday, trusting that everything is for a reason.

No matter what trials, I look forward to seeing my girls everyday. Whatever may happen... it’s worth it to me if a couple find new hope in the horizon for their lives and set off on a better road, slowly creating Beauty from Ashes.

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