Alexandra Haass
Alexandra Haass
South Africa 2012-2013
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On December 23rd I picked my family up from the Cape Town airport. Especially, in a family of chiefs and no indians it was pretty cool to be the only chief that knew what was going on. The first night I took them along the beautiful coastline to chapman’s peak and Hout Bay for a nice seafood dinner. This is one of the most serene areas in town and I’m pretty sure it was quite the experience for them, as they were still delusional from their 23 hours of traveling.

It wouldn’t sink in for them until the next day when we visited my friend Mbuyisi in the township of Langa at the orphanage he works at. Experiencing a township really put a lot of things into perspective for them in regards to both the complexity of South Africa and poverty in general I think. None of them have spent time in shanty towns and it is always much different to walk in and experience it, instead of just driving by and imagining the reality that lives inside. Since working in these communities was the highlight of South Africa for me, I’m glad that they were able to see it for themselves because it would have been easy for their holiday thrills to beaches, parks, wine lands, and restaurants galore.

Next stop is Knysna along the Garden route and then a safari in the eastern cape. I am happy to experience these adventures again with my family, but it is bittersweet to have them here since it signals the end off my journey. I know it will be hard to say goodbye to South Africa (and the beautiful summer days) but great adventures are waiting at home too. Doesn’t make it easier, but what does is I know I will be back one day. Now to enjoy my final days in ZA I will report back on my way out!

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