Dominican Republic 2010
mber Garner is a 2010 Belmont University graduate who earned a degree in journalism. She is passionate about serving people and ready to see what God has in store for her on the island of Hispaniola. Read More About Amber →


Amber is a very hard name to say in Spanish. I’m not sure if I’ve told this to you or not, but it is! Sonya, one of the mom’s, calls me Dulce. This can me sweet, sweetie or candy. We had quite the talk about how calling me Candy could be misunderstood, but in the end decided it would be an ok Dominican nickname. Sonya’s daughter has sinse started calling me Dulces and so have some of the other kids. Even better though, is that many of the kids have learned my name. I was really apprehensive when I first got here that the kids weren’t going to like me. Beter to say, there have been so many volunteers here this past summer that maybe they just didn’t care to interact with me. However,

One thought on “Dulces!”

  1. I agree. Amber is waaaaaaay too hard of a name to say. Hence why, while in public, I’ve taken to calling you hoobastank. Fine, so a band decided to use that nickname first. BUT, I still believe it is the utmost in terms of admiration. Plus you have to admit it’s WAY better than pookie.

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