Dominican Republic 2010
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Christmas Time!

So, there is no holiday here between Halloween and Christmas. Halloween really isn’t that big of a deal anyway so people get so excited about Christmas. We have already started decorating at the club. Some houses here even have lights on the outside like in the states, I will try to get photos of these! We have the tree up at the club at stockings are hung everywhere. The kids even wrote letters to Santa and to their sponsors! The teachers have been wearing Santa hats its so funny. At La Syrena, the Dominican Wal-Mart, they have been playing Christmas music for the past month and all the cashiers are wearing Santa hats. Here everyone that has a good job gets the holidays off and double pay to have a Christmas dinner or maybe a few presents. It’s really just a good dinner though, presents may not make an

appearance.  The government has decorated all of their buildings with lights, garland and wreaths. There are even a couple huge public Christmas trees. Dove gives the families more food to have a big dinner for Christmas and we get every child a gift of some sort. This year we also have a church doing Angel Tree with our kids so they will hopefully have a little something extra which is fantastic! Here are some pics of us decorating!

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