Lindsey Ricker
Lindsey Ricker
South Africa 2012-2014
My studies at Belmont University in restorative justice, liberation theology, entrepreneurship, and philosophical ethics guided me to explore South Africa through an interdisciplinary lens. Academic and experiential work in these fields prepared me for a year in Cape Town interning in human rights, business consulting, and sustainable development. Read More About Lindsey →

An Ambitious Start?

A midflight stop in Dakar, FBI background check, and chest x-ray are only few of many delightful surprises I have encountered while preparing and traveling to live in South Africa. Truthfully, none of these experiences should have been unexpected, but the convoluted world of international travel makes me understand why travel agents are so popular. Nonetheless, ample planning time and helpful tips have minimized my moving stress significantly. My stingy flight choices have also added to my relaxation as I have about nine more hours before I need to board my plane in DC. Luckily, I have Mumford and Sons, Ben Folds Five and Google Voice to keep me entertained.

I’m waiting until I start my internship placement with TSIBA before I establish work related expectations. However, from talking to several South Africa visitors and a few residents, I have a fairly clear idea of what my to-do list should look like:

-go to rugby and soccer games with locals

-stay a night in a township

-give Nelson Mandela a highfive

-travel throughout South Africa and to neighboring countries

-learn helpful phrases from Afrikaans and Xhosa languages

-fall in love with a man who dances like Michael Jackson then coordinate
magical choreography like in “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights” but to “Waka Waka”

-tickle a penguin (

-get on “Shark Week,” but not for being eaten

-befriend a Kiwi and holiday in New Zealand

-spend Christmas dinner with Archbishop Desmond Tutu

-go horseback riding on a safari

-Spread the love for Dolly Parton all over the continent

-Casually find and befriend Peter Storey while talking about our mutual friend, Judy Parks

-learn to discern the difference between blog material and inner dialogue

-all while avoiding a first world lifestyle (this I failed before I finished packing)

Completely achievable in a year, right? More to come on my actual experience and obtainable/project related/sincere goals if I survive this layover and make it to Cape Town…

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