About Rachel

Rachel-Butler-fullRachel Butler was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  She came to Belmont to study Classical Piano, but had studied Spanish throughout middle school and high school.  While studying music at Belmont, she started missing Spanish, so she added it as a minor.  In the summer of 2013, Rachel went on a study abroad trip to Spain that changed her life.  The trip ignited a passion in her to master the Spanish language. Upon returning, she changed her major to Spanish.  In March of 2014, Rachel traveled to Ecuador as an interpreter on a medical trip.  This trip reinforced how much she loved the Spanish language and how much she loved the people that speak it.

During her time in Nashville, Rachel volunteered with non-profits that help the immigrant community in Nashville. Being from Arizona, she has always had great interest in immigration policy and reform.  She sees these topics as critical components of American society, and desires to change America’s general attitude towards immigrants.

During her time in Argentina, she will become certified to teach English as a foreign language.  She will teach in Buenos Aires for 4 months, and upon returning to the states, she hopes to teach ESL in the public school system or be an interpreter.  She is engaged to the love of her life, who she met on her study abroad trip in Spain, and will get married to him upon her return.

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