About Brittany

Robinson_profileHello! I feel like “about me” pages are supposed to help you get to know a person, so I’m going to skip the first nineteen years of my life and tell you what really made me “Brittany.”

I graduated from Belmont in May with a degree in Sociology and a minor in studio art. My degree, though a beloved accomplishment, is the least important thing I got out of attending college. I discovered that I had a passion for helping others. I felt that serving others was my purpose in life. I cannot remember ever wanting to do anything else. The problem was I felt so incompetent and I was extremely shy. I could barely look someone in the eye- let alone speak up in a social situation. By the end of my first semester at Belmont, I had gained new best friends and was elected to an officer’s position in a human rights organization.

The second semester I joined Belmont Bridge Builders (BBB). Not only was this group vital in breaking me out of my shell, it also helped me develop spiritually. In my life, nothing has been more influential as the family I found in BBB.

A very close second is my participation in the PeaceJam Conference, a youth leadership conference which is two days of total love, acceptance and fun with 200+ middle and high school students.

Lastly, I definitely would not be “Brittany” without my professors. The ones that taught me it was okay to ask for help, that I am smart enough to handle the work they give me, and that humor and learning go together beautifully. Some taught me to toughen up, while others taught me to laugh and hug more. They also became like family to me.

I have always been a person who loves other people. Now, I am a person who also loves interacting with people. I can get up and speak in front of a group with little- still some- hesitation. I can help plan a service event or work in an office. I can facilitate large and small group discussions. Most importantly, I dance, albeit awkwardly, in front of anything and anyone. This is all because of Belmont. Belmont helped me become a happy person – a happy person who loves art and serving others.

I am going to Germany to further my personal discovery- I will be meeting new people, learning a new culture and expanding my knowledge of the language. I could not be more grateful for this opportunity for this is my first adventure as myself.

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