Lindsey Ricker
Lindsey Ricker
South Africa 2012-2014
My studies at Belmont University in restorative justice, liberation theology, entrepreneurship, and philosophical ethics guided me to explore South Africa through an interdisciplinary lens. Academic and experiential work in these fields prepared me for a year in Cape Town interning in human rights, business consulting, and sustainable development. Read More About Lindsey →

A New Normal

Apparently large consumption of South Africa’s Rooibos tea will lead to slight discoloration of the consumer’s teeth; at least this is my finding so far. I am still recovering from a nasty batch of bronchitis, so hot, delicious, and inexpensive tea has been one of my frequent remedies.

Along with an increase in tea consumption, I am attempting to integrate other healthy rituals into my routine in Cape Town. I read and write nearly every day, but I try to save my half-hour long train commutes for enjoying the scenery and interacting with fellow passengers. Also, most days I try to find an excuse to interject ‘cheers’ into casual conversation (my success is fifty-fifty).

Thus far I have been very fortunate to meet lovely people, move into a conveniently-located flat, enjoy the first week of work at my new internship, and explore several regions and communities in Cape Town. My second night in South Africa I went to Margarita Night at a local cantina with the other Connect-123 interns and met many kindred spirits. This past Saturday, several of the interns and I attended a Pinotage on Tap event at a local vineyard called Diemersfontien. Along with delicious picnic food and wine, we dipped strawberries into a chocolate fountain and enjoyed music by Goodluck.

Pinotage on Tap

While this was a wonderful way to start my stay, my favorite outing with interns has been a hike on Lion’s Head Mountain. The fierce winds of Cape Town let up enough for us to enjoy the sights; African wildflowers are vibrant shades of violet, gold, and cream against a panoramic view of waterfront, urban city, and mountains.

Another intern here for a year, Rachel Cohen.

On the cab ride back to our apartments, we noticed that our cab driver had a bandage on his hand and asked if he was alright. He nonchalantly said he was fine; he just sliced his hand while trimming his fingernails with a razor blade before he picked us up.

For so many reasons, this country will never cease to amaze me.

My home for the next year

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