Heather Ferrari
Heather Ferrari
Nepal 2018
Namaste! I am a recent nursing graduate interested in community healthcare. While traveling to Nepal for 14 weeks my hope to learn more about the Nepalese culture, Nepalese health disparities, and the treatment of health care in a developing country. As well as establishing life long friendships, join me and follow along on my journey. Read More About Heather →

The Countdown Has Begun

Well I am almost two weeks away from departing for my 14 week journey to Nepal. When I found out I was awarded the Lumos Award, August seemed so far away, but now my departure date is approaching quicker than I thought it would be. I think for the past month I have not had time to focus on leaving, even the next two weeks will be really hectic before I am able to slow down, focus, and pack. Today we had a skype meeting with my advisor for projects abroad, I still have yet to receive my accommodation in Nepal, which makes me  anxious but mostly my parents very anxious.

Since I have known for almost 9 months that I will be traveling to Nepal preparing has not been that difficult. A friend of mine traveled to Nepal earlier this year and he has been a tremendous help with answering questions about cell phone, WiFi, clothing, drinking water, etc. He has been able to answer most of my questions and he also went with the company I will be going with. I have gotten my scrubs, clothes, backpack, shoes, and all other necessities all ready. This past week I received my last vaccine to be able to travel! 

Many people have asked me why Nepal? Honestly the only logical answer I have is God placed this country and these people on my heart. The whole process of applying for Lumos, the country, and the project I trusted God with. I knew that not matter what I did in the end it would be someone else’s decision whether to fund me or not, but I know that this is where God wants me and where He is leading me. I have been out of the country many times with family and for mission trips but I have never been to Asia. The Asian culture is a fascinating culture. They are very religious people, but not the same religious beliefs I have. Most of the Nepalese people are either Buddhist or Hindu. I am currently reading a comparative religions book to know and understand the religious beliefs of the people I am about to interact and live with for the next 14 weeks. 

I just recently finished a book called Little Princes. The author of this book took a trip around the world and started the journey by volunteering at a “orphanage.” Come to find out this was not an orphanage at all but a rescue house for children who had been trafficked. The book really spoke and gave a voice to children in Nepal. My neighbor knows the author so I was able to call the author and talk to him about his time in Nepal. He was able to give me good advice and some encouragement before I depart. 

I am excited for what is to come. I am excited to learn and I am excited to be placed in a teaching hospital, but I wish I would be closer to Kathmandu. As I get closer and closer to leaving I am sure I will become more anxious and nervous, but I am so excited to grow, learn, and experience a new culture. 

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  1. Our hearts and prayers are with you, Heather, as you make this leap into God’s Will and unknown paths. We will journey with you, celebrating successes, helping you understand complications and bolstering you in defeat. God, our Loving Father, is always with you! Never forget that He walks with you every day, is there to comfort and to guide! He promised He would. You are not only His servant, you ARE His friend! Blessings on you always! Steve and Cathy (Abby and Gib!)

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