Felicia Black
Felicia Black
South Africa 2011- 2012
I am a recent Belmont graduate (Class of 2011) and I am going back to South Africa. I first went to South Africa in the fall of my junior year at Belmont and I had so much fun I decided to apply for the Lumos award and have been lucky enough to go again! Check out my previous blog at http://coming2sa.blogspot.com/ I will also be updating that blog as I return to South Africa so check ‘em out! Read More About Felicia →


Wednesday there was a strike. I really don’t know anything more than that and that they shut down the school because of it. We were lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) because we found out the day before so there was time to make a plan. I was excited because I thought I may get to go to the orphanage and luckily I did. I was so happy to be reunited with my kids!

I don’t think I’ve ever spent an entire day at the orphanage. It’s usually only been half a day so being there the entire day was interesting. It started out crazy because the carers (the people who take care of the kids) gave them sweets at NINE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING. Really? So you can imagine how the rest of the day was: manic…and I loved every second of it.

I was placed with the older kids who are around 6 or 7 years old. Angie usually works with them but she was sick that day so I took her kids. They are such smart boys! For real. We were reading story and I was asking them about colours and animals and they all knew them! Compare this to my grade 4’s who didn’t even know what a bird looked like. There was this hilarious book called “No, Daniel!” and they loved it. It was about this naughty boy who kept on doing horrible things. There was even a scene when Daniel was butt naked. They thought it was hilarious (of course). They’re really good at reading as well. I’m not sure if it’s because they can actually read or if they’re just memorized the story but they do at least know how to follow along with their finger.

The lessons went well. Like I said the boys are really smart. I loved seeing how a “normal” day at the orphanage goes. I say “normal” but it is anything but normal but I think that’s the fun of it. No two days are the same.

I thoroughly enjoyed music and physical time. The songs Cheryl has the kids singing are crazy and so much fun. We tried to teach the kids the macarena but they were not having it. They certainly loved watching me doing it though. Their smiles were priceless.

During the break, I got baby Anathi out. He is still my favourite. He is so adorable. Seriously, I cannot say no to that face and he’s such a happy baby. I love being around him.

Play time was crazy. I started this thing on Fridays when we used to visit where I would carry one of the kids on my back and of course once you do one you gotta do them all. “Me, teacher! Me!” I definitely got my workout. Overall it was a wonderful. I will for sure get to go next Wednesday (March 21st) and that’ll be the last time that I will for sure get to go see the kids. I am not looking forward to saying goodbye. How can I say goodbye to their precious little faces? 🙁

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