Jessica Molloy
Jessica Molloy
Dominican Republic 2019 - 2020
I am traveling to La Vega, Dominican Republic and will be working with New Hope Girls! This is a safe house for girls ages 4-17 seeking refuge from dark and difficult places. I will be the certified teacher on site of the safe house! Read More About Jessica →

outside looking in

The first week of March, I had the opportunity to step outside of the space of the safe house, La Vega, and the DR. I stepped back into college life at Belmont. Joy, the founder of New Hope and I were able to travel to Nashville at Belmont and speak about the organization in relation to the prompt ‘Who do I want to become?”. 

I realized quickly when listening to Joy speak and even when I spoke about New Hope myself, I found that it is so much bigger and so much grander than I could have ever expected. When you are in the thick of it with the girls day in and day out, yes, it feels big but not when talking to people about why New Hope exists. 

This trip gave me the fire to come back and go after it for my last three months. Each girl, each story, each step forward will be celebrated because I knew the bigness of it now. 

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